A closed Cannon-talope and an open Cannon-talope

Cannon-talope is a plant for Plants vs Zombies.

Plant InfoEdit

Cannon-talope costs 100 Sun

Cannon-talope takes in a zombie when a zombie touches it, and the Cannon-talope spits it out, and the zombie hits other zombies (The damage of the zombie projectile depends on the health of the zombie).

One-Use only

Can't take in Zomboss,Gargantun, or Yeti Zombie, and will eat the Cannon-talope like normal.


Tank-alope is an upgrade of Cannon-talpoe.

Differences Between Cannon-talope and Tank-alopeEdit

Cannon-talope is 100 sun; Tank-alope is 220 sun

Tank-alope makes the damage double of the Cannon-talope

Cannon-talope is one-use; Tank-alope is three-uses

Plant AlmanicEdit

Bring in the Cannon-talopes, cuz he is some heavy guns. This loaded cannon takes zombies, and fires them at the other brain-lovers. Cannon-talope is one son of a gun! Get it?

(Tank-alope's entry is the same, except the first line is "Tank-alope is in the station", and any Cannon-talope is replaced with Tank-alope)


Cannon-talope (and Tank-alope) is the only plant that forces zombies to hurt zombies against their own will. Hypno-Shrooms use zombies to attack, but they hypnotize them, tecnically not against their own will.

Tank-alope is the only plant with a limited amount of uses that is higher than 1.