The Dynamite Tree is a plant. It is an apple tree, but instead of apples, it wields dynamites shaped like apples. Any zombie that comes in contact with it will make the dynamites explode, making the tree remain. Every dynamite grows every 20 seconds during morning and 50 seconds during night, and only grows dynamites at full growth. It grows. Its main look is a sapling, but as it grows, the sapling enlarges to a full tree, a hole is slowly carved near the center. The Dynamite Tree takes 20 seconds to grow through each growth stage in sunlight, while during night, it takes 50 seconds to grow through each growth stage. It has 10 growth stages, the first being seeds, the next 8 being a growing sapling and the 10th at 100% size, allowing itself to grow dynamites. Placing it on a Lily Pad will instantly make both the Lily Pad and the Dynamite Tree vanish, and placing it next to water makes some of the water drain.