Plants vs Zombies Star Wars its a videogame about the episodes of starwars (I-VI) in plants and zombies mode.

Characters: Edit

Lily Pad: Comander Cody

Peashooter: Obi wan Kenobi (2 forms)

Star fruit: Clone buster

Sunflower: Chewbacca

Zombies: all the bad characters

Glomm-Shroom: Captain of naboo

Cherry bomb: Blue Clones

Wall Nut: Anakin Pod

Dr zomboss: Darth sidious

Lampent: Jawas

Potato Mine: C3PO (2 forms)

Snow Pea: R2D2

Ice-shroom: Plokoon

Split Pea: Comander cody and commander fox

Twin Sunflower: Qui Go Jinn and Jar Jar Binks

Repeater: Luke Skywalker (4 forms)

Sun-Shroom: Royal Guard

Tall nut: Anakin Skywalker (2 forms)

Fume_Shroom: Padme Amidala

Melon Pult: protector of naboo (red hat)

Kernel-pult: Jedi younglig

Imitater: Yoda

Blover: Mace windu

Solar Bean: proctector of naboo (Yellow hat)

Cadbadge-pult: (upcoming)

Coconut canon: Lando

Cattail: Clone

Cactus: kit fisto

Spikerock: Asoka

Snapdragon: rebel clone

Bean: Princess Leia

Gatling pea: captain panaka

pea pod: Ewoks

bloomerang: han solo (1 form is carbonite)

Ice melon-pult: Royal Guard

Spikeweed: gungans

Curious thingsEdit

.Its based on plants vs zombies 2 actually this game has new archievements: Play as zombies, use jedi force, new powers and bonus levels

. Not mentioned plants are Rebels clones

Game icons Edit

.Its a zombie battle droid with the republic symbol on his hands (version 6.5)

.Its zombie count dooku with the republic symbol on his hands (version3.9)

Its a zombie darth vader with the republic symbol on his hands (upcoming icon)