this is a game


there are 2 sides. somone plays on one side and the other person plays on the other. place the plants and you can spawn zombies to attack your opomments can only play battle mode unlocking sunflower. the 2 players have 200 health (easy) 150 (medium) and 100 (hard) 50 (expert )


peashooter. your main line of defense.

sunflower. Unlocked doing totourail. the most inportant defense

cabbage pult. unlocked by bieng rank 3.super cabbage =no hit graves

jalapeno. unlocked by bieng rank 8. you can not understand him

spikeweed. unlocked by defeting gargantaur. poke poke!

marigold.unlocked after you unlock medium

spawnable zombiesEdit

zombie. he is just looking for brains old brains,rotten brains,stinky brains. he just loves them. killed at 6 normal damage shots

conehead zombie. unlocked at rank 4. he likes to move it move it

zombie gravestone. unlocked at rank 0 (beginning). your zombies spawn here and gives brains to you (money for zombies)

imp. (spawned in 2s with gargantuar)

gargantuar. unlocked at rank 10. the lonely zombie who still  wants a girlfreind


biggener pack. gives the following stickers. bonk choy 5x, flag zombie 1x (use very wisely) speed power up 3x (miragold and sunflower.). cost 100$

bucket pack. buckethead zombie (forever) and a speed power up for them 3x