Rainer Pea.

The Rainer Pea is a peashooter-type plant, yet it is quite unique among its bretheren.

How It WorksEdit

When planted, the rainer pea will start facing down, in which phase it will not fire. However, in just 2 seconds, it will turn its head 45 degrees up, and therefore shoots peas in a catapult-like fashion. Every 30 seconds, however, it will pause for 5 seconds to catch its breath, therefore temporarily halting its firing of peas once again. The firing speed is 3 times that of a normal peashooter, and it fires 3 peas at a time, in order to balance out the disadvantages. Also, the go-up delay when planted is 10 seconds during the day.

If you want to get rid of the delays until the next flag ends, you could always use a coffee bean on Rainer Pea.


Cost: 150 Sun.

Recharge: Slow.

Damage Per Pea: 2.

Description: The rainer pea has a hard time doing its job. It has to fire peas at an insane rate if it's going to help the other plants. All that effort made it somewhat nocturnal.