this is a minigame

common plantsEdit

wall nut

imitater wall nut

uncommon plantsEdit

explod-o nut and its imitater form

flame pult (only fires one flame and dissappers)


imitater giant wall nut

very rareEdit

giant wall nut

extremely rareEdit

imitater what can turn into any of the plants on the level (exsept itself)


zombie (very common 1 hits)

conehead (very common 2 hits)

flag (very rare 1 hit)

buckethead (common 3 hits)

screen door (uncommon 4 hits)

footballer (uncommon 5 hits)

dancer (common 1 hit 4 more for back up dancers)

zomboni (uncommon 6 hits)

bobsled team (uncommon/very rare if zomboni does not make a ice trail. 1 hit for each zombie 5 hits if you hit the bobsled)

yeti (extremly rare 5 hits)

garganture (rare 10 hits)

imp (rare 1 hit)