Achievements are a new feature of Plants vs Zombies. Make them here. Note: STOP BEING A TROLL!!

Last Shovel StandingEdit

Complete Last Stand using only the shovel, garlic, gloomshrooms,and fumeshrooms.

No Buckets, Ladders Are GoodEdit

Complete the Totally Nuts level in I, Zombie only using Ladder Zombies.

5 Under FlamedEdit

Kill 5 Digger Zonbies with a Jalapeno.

Rolling And ExplodingEdit

Kill over 10 zombies with an Explode-O-Nut.


Kill a Gargantuar with 2 Potato Mines. (also Imitater Potato Mine if you want to.)

Fungus On The RoofEdit

Use only mushrooms,flower pots and coffee beans to complete a normal roof level.

Brains Are For PeopleEdit

Kill a Brain Zombie without another zombie noticing the Brain Zombie.

Frosty ChillsEdit

Play Bobsled Bonanza without Jalapenos.

Meowing GroundsEdit

Complete Survival: Pool with only Sunflowers, Lily Pads, Spikeweeds, and Cattails.


Complete Zombotany with Sunflowers, Peashooters, Chompers, and Wall-Nuts.

Giga StandedEdit

See a Giga Gargantuar in Last Stand Endless (IOS).

Mexi-Melt Edit

Obtain the special plant "Pinata Pult" from Pinata Party

Air Force Edit

Play an entire Night Roof level without having Bungee Zombies take any of your plants

Slippery Doo Dah Edit

Use the Banana Peel on 10 zombies in one level