Banana Bonanza Edit

The 1st Epic Quest of Plants vs Zombies: Around the World. It has a series of levels showcasing the Banana Peel, which is obtainable as a reward when completed. To unlock it, the player must buy the Epic Quest Log from the shop. It has 8 steps'

Step 1: Edit

Step 1 of this Epic Quest is a tutorial for it. In this level, it is in the front yard, and already has six plants chosen for you. If you have upgrades for more plant slots, they will not be used. These six plants are the Sunflower, Peashooter, Wallnut, Banana Peel, Chard Guard and Garlic. There are two waves in the tutorial. The level starts with some normal zombies, the first wave adds Coneheads, and the final wave adds Bucket heads. There are some strategies to beating it.

Strategy to Beating Edit

When the level starts, you will start with 100 sun. Place down two sunflowers. The first zombie will appear. Plant a Banana Peel in front of it to make it slip, giving you time to place down peashooters. Repeat this method many times and use the other plants to make combos

Step 2: Edit

Step 2 of the Epic Quest is the first real level for it.

Medieval Dash Edit